Areas of activity




We invest in and advise companies active in the alternative energy space, varying from wind energy, through solar to bioenergy and water power in all its forms. Miracampo has been instrumental in realising the funding for the revolutionary blue energy project in the Netherlands. With the blue energy project, electricity is generated by the mixing of fresh and salt water. Blue energy is expected to become a terawatt industry in the coming decades.




Availability of clean water for a multitude of applications, including drinking water, will be one of the great challenges of the 21st century. Being part of the cluster around world-leading water institute Wetsus, we support companies developing technologies to clean, measure, distribute, separate and utilize water.











High performance materials are instrumental in reducing raw materials needs, making processes more efficient, thereby reducing energy demand, or simply make things possible that were impossible before. The Netherlands has a tradition in this field. We use our knowledge in this space to create new opportunities.




Sustainable chemistry


Chemistry is everywhere, and as such is essential in developing new technologies and products in the above fields. We have contributed to the dutch national strategy for the chemical sector, and leverage the expertise and network to invest in and support companies that develop new chemical solutions, processes and products.Advisory work We provide world-class advice on mergers & acquisitions, financing, market entry and expansion as well as research and asset management to a diverse range of corporate clients and institutions. We are industry experts, with a special nose for the things that make innovation successful.



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